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Ethnosport World Society (EWS) was established in 2012 in Montréal (Canada) and is based on an equal partnership of organizations whose activities are aimed at the study and conservation of traditional games.

EWS helps bring together the efforts of its constituent organizations. In particular, it promotes participation in traditional games for peoples separated by borders of nation-states.

Ethnosport is a form of preserving the heritage of the game; it is a system of recovery of the ethnomotricité skills, inherent in the traditional way of life and lost in the conditions of urbanization. 

Ethnosport World Society appeals to the Past from the Present - to the traditional games of the peoples, paving the way to the future by preserving the gaming heritage in all its cultural diversity.

Traditional games shape our understanding of cultural diversity, being part of the unique ethnocultural ceremonies. However, traditional forms of play are as versatile as sports, consisting of similar traditional styles of physical activity.

Traditional games have become the cultural foundation of modern sports. They have existed throughout the history of mankind, containing the matrix of social relations and having the spirit of accomplishment laid out within them.

Our task is to defend the right of peoples to the traditional games, which are folklore. For understanding of our work, we appeal to art, where classical art and contemporary art coexist with folklore.

EWS network

EWS network provides individual partnership along with partnership of public, science-educational, and international organizations, and state authorities.

Partnership with EWS require annual payments with contribution depends on the type of the partnership:



 Individual Members


 Master of Ethnosport (title is awarded EWS Council decision) 


 Public Organizations


 Science and Education Organizations


 International Organizations


 State Authorities


Payment is made at the bank account of the EWS:

Branch's transit number: 07111
Account # : 1007376
RBC Royal Bank's institution number: 003
RBC Royal Bank's Routing/ABA number (if funds coming from U. S.): 021000021
RBC Royal Bank's Swift number (if funds coming from another International location): Royccat2
Branch Address: 13135 Gouin Blvd W. Pierrefonds, Quebec, H8Z 1X1
Ethnosport address: 17 Emile, Montreal, H9C 2X1, QC, Canada

EWS partners can use the logo of the society and register their events in order to attract a wide range of participants. They are placed into the "Events" section on the website of the organization: ethnosport.com

Message from the EWS President
Dr. Alexey Kylasov

Алексей Кыласов. Фото: Алексей Суханов

Sports are supported by governments, multinational corporations and private donations worldwide. Countless volunteers help carry out sports events. Most people are confident that sports are socially useful and need further development. We are proponents of sports, but:

- sports in which there is no greed for profit and pride of worthless records;

- sports which represent ethnocultural traditions of the peoples;

- sports that are accessible to amateurs.

According to the UN, 40 languages disappear annually, meaning that the descriptions of 40 kinds of traditional games are not passed down to the descendants. We can save this part of the world cultural heritage of humanity. Each of us can participate in the conservation of the game matrix, through which the mother teaches the child, the children learn the principles of communication, and eventually the identity of peoples is shaped: looking at the games, we recognize our own self.

We do not offer to buy the right to be associated with the traditional games of peoples; this right is not for sale.  Nevertheless, by virtue of your donations there is a chance of saving the cradle of sport, its cultural foundation, which we call Ethnosport.

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